Your benefits obtained thanks to BART

BART offers many benefits regarding effectiveness for insurance companies and agents, in particular, related to handling small compensations. All reports of damage events are received in the same completed and systematised manner. Moreover, satisfaction of customers increases, as the system asks policy holders only important questions in understandable language and starts to review an application at once and immediately liquidates a damage event, if it is possible. BART is simple for launching and results in considerable reduction of compensation process costs.

In brief:

  • BART makes a damage event assessment in a clear and objective way; automatically generates documentation of a damage event and consultancy as regards its estimation;
  • BART can be smoothly connected to your backoffice system, various applications link BART with the most popular backoffice systems in the insurance industry;
  • BART can adopt to your needs; layout and operation of BART is adopted to the logo and the website of your company;
  • BART helps to reduce your costs; saving on work force (less manual registration of applications) and saving on data management (safe, digitally and in a systematised manner);
  • BART takes care of customer satisfaction; guarantees prompt completion of insurance claims, thanks to which customers can obtain money and/or assistance much faster, which results in their satisfaction and loyalty.

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