Automatic service of damage events

You will receive damage event reports, filled in online, through the internet website thanks to BART. BART makes their assessment within a second and completes them at once. The insured parties do not notice any interference of DEKRA Experts that reply to questions on your own website and the a given damage event is liquidated in a proper manner.

Intelligent system, fast implementation

In the BART system, the insured parties promptly go through the form of a damage event thanks to simple questions. Thanks to thought over form of questions, unnoticeable reference to the service point to repair it takes place. BART automatically generates documentation of the damage on the basis of a received reply, which it can supplement with digital photographs and documents. The system determines the amount for covering costs and reasonableness of a claim, as well as makes next action steps. Therefore, BART can automatically refer you to a car repair shop in order to fix it, prepare a payment on your behalf and appoint an appraiser for liquidating damage events at first. All these steps shall be taken in compliance with the parameters already applied by your organization while liquidating damage events. BART is available in independent version or can be totally integrated with your organizational backoffice and have an additional effectiveness benefit. The layout and manner of the system operation have been designed without any additional costs and in compliance with your internet website. An insured person is simply located in their own network environment. The long-term experience of DEKRA on the market of compensations and its knowledge about all systems, guarantees full functionality of BART within the short period of time.

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