What can BART do for you?

Thanks to BART your customers will receive a unique service of liquidating a damage event, which will increase their satisfaction level. The internet software of DEKRA Claims & Expertise B.V. will automatize the process of handling your claims and help to liquidate damage events in a faster, more precise and cheaper manner. Everybody wins with BART.

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What does BART do?

BART will conduct your customers through the process of reporting damage events in the efficient and effective way. A subtle reference to a repair takes place thanks to intelligent forms, prepared on the basis of long-term experience with millions of applications. Apart from it, BART requires all important documents. As soon as an application is ready, BART generates damage documentation and a report in the PDF format. If there is a need photographs and documents are also attached.

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BART Software and Apps

BART Software is available as a stand-alone version, but can also be integrated on your internet website. Your customers will not notice the difference. BART Software can be easily adopted to the layout and manner of operation of your internet website. Additional applications of BART Apps are also available after paying the additional fee and are characterised by greater functionality and simple use. Think about interface for your backoffice system or an application, which will improve form circulation process.

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Additional services

BART is one of the innovations of DEKRA Experts, which is in our constant striving for development and optimisation of the damage liquidation process. Another innovation of DEKRA Experts is for example ‘i2i’, a video chat while reviewing claims.

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